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Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson - Book (Special Combo Pack) No Price

Available Only in Special Combo Pack

10 Incredible Hands Off routines

The one condition I set myself in developing these routines is that effects would not be diluted just because they were 'Hands Off' – in fact, if anything, they would become stronger. Well they did become stronger, much stronger! A couple of these routines have been published before however they have now been fully updated to become totally 'Hands Off'. For instance my 'Echo' routine is fully described with complete patter and a new finish. There are also lots of new routines that are all extremely commercial.


・Out Of My Hands - This is literally... Out Of This World!

・The SH*T Spell- Could be shot or shut, but it's actually sh*t!

・McDobson's Aces – Nothing Two Faced about this trick!

・Echo - You, hilariously, teach them how to perform a card trick.

・Card Trick - A selection is revealed in a truly impossible way, yet it's so easy!

・Invisible - The table, deck, card and card case are invisible - they don't even see the thumb tip!

・Second Chance - They'll have "no chance" to work this one out!

・Birthday Card - DIY version, with modified handling, of my marketed effect.

・Lucky Numbers - Both your lucky numbers are different, but they still lead to the same lucky card!

・Tossed Deck - I don't toss it myself anymore, I get some ' Other Tosser' to do it for me.

Look No Hands is a 40 page soft bound book

Look, No Hands by Wayne Dobson Reviewed by Liam Montier in March 2011

“Look No Hands” is a new collection of 10 routines from the ever astonishing Wayne Dobson, and the theme, as you may have guessed, is that all of the tricks have been structured to work without the need for the magician to touch anything.

Although Wayne mentions that he came around to this style of routining through necessity (due to his M.S.) he goes on to mention how much stronger his routines became as a direct result, and encourages the reader to explore this concept. While some of the routines would take masterful audience management to keep completely hands off (which Wayne has in spades), there is much to learn from adapting as much of this approach as you would be comfortable with.

Out of the ten effects, some have been published before, but Wayne includes enough new ideas and presentational twists to make even avid collectors of his work find value in this new booklet, and some of my personal favourites are mentioned below.

“Out of my Hands” is an interesting variation on Paul Curry’s classic ‘Out of This World’ which features a great ‘build-up’ construction, starting with the performer being able to identify some of the cards colours, and then two spectators simultaneously separating the deck in classic fashion, “The Sh*t Spell” is an extremely funny version of the classic ‘spelling’ trick that, while it won’t be for everyone, for the right performer is going to be a killer.

“Invisible” is another ideal trick that I can see working its way into acts left right and centre, where a card chosen from the ‘invisible’ deck turns out to be genuinely the only card in a prediction envelope in full view.

In my opinion, those tricks alone make this a worthwhile purchase, but then there is so much more in the booklet. New versions of Wayne’s classic ‘Tossed Out Deck’ routine and ‘Echo’ are, well, even more classic than before, and that just covers half of the material included in this collection.

Well written by Stephen Tucker, nicely produced (there are no photos, but none of the routines need them to be honest) and would be an entertaining read for the stories and jokes alone. The fact that this booklet also contains the repertoire of one of the most entertaining performers magic has ever produced is a rather splendid bonus.

Available Only in Special Combo Pack

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 September, 2011.
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