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Visual Transformation by MASUDA
I love Masuda's items, they're simple but yet have great eff ..
4 of 5 Stars!
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Visual Transformation by MASUDA $35.00

3 selected cards are pulled from the deck in a magical way.    Everyone will be knocked out by 3 mysterious moments of discovery!!

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The Magician introduces a deck of cards. It is spread face up on the table to show there is nothing funny about it.
The cards are squared and turned face down. Two of the spectators take part in this trick.
Each of them takes a card and remembers its rank and suit. The magician chooses a card too.
The magician signs his name on a sticker and places it on the face of his card. The two volunteers do the same thing.
Their selected cards are replaced into the deck and the deck is inserted halfway into its case.
The magician pushes the deck all the way and takes a pause. Then he tilts the case to slide out the deck.

Now, the deck is pulled back out of the case, but this time the top card is the magician's signed, selected card, face up. The magician puts it aside.
Without any suspicious moves, the deck is inserted again into the case. He tilts the case and the deck slides out with one of the spectators cards on the face!
Of course, it has the spectators signature.
The magician repeats the above procedure to reveal the second spectators card.

The deck is spread to prove it is regular.

*This product come with detailed English instruction

Current Reviews: 4
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 24 November, 2007.
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